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Used. Distressed. Worn. Unique. The origins of Shabby Chic style actually date back as early as the 1980's in the UK. Shabby Chic was a creative, bohemian response to the expensive home decor popular with the upper middle class of the time. Accompanied by recycled furniture, some of the original Shabby Chic interiors were and are considered works of art.

Shabby Chic is as popular a metropolitan style world-wide now as ever before. Most of the distressed carpets in it's category are antiques and their apparent flaws tell a story that speaks to the single point in time which each of us inhabits. Perhaps this is why they lend such a gentleness and relaxed atmosphere to the interiors within which they are incorporatated.

We have about a dozen of these wonderful pieces left here in the store so please have a look and by all means, come in and feel one under your feet if you can.